Vincentius Bespoke Tailoring has launched in Liverpool, bringing with it a fresh approach to the traditional art. Designed with the successful, modern gentleman in mind, Vincentius combines the highest standards of craftsmanship with a cool, cosmopolitan aesthetic.

Behind the brand are two Liverpool brothers. Solicitors by trade, Thomas & Robert Hardwick are used to being surrounded by successful businessmen, sports icons and celebrities. So they were well placed to notice that, amongst men who appreciate the finer things in life was a shared struggle to find modern, quality tailoring. In a bid to fill this omission, they joined forced with luxury menswear experts Rich Gregson and Rob Tattan and Vincentius was born.

A departure from the ‘dark wood and red carpet’ gentlemen’s lounge environment traditionally synonymous with luxury tailoring, the Vincentius experience has a defined sense of modernity. This cosmopolitan sophistication carries through its clothing range, which includes hand-crafted suits, bespoke shirts,  handmade ties and footwear which can be designed by clients themselves, using a state-of-the-art online platform.

Vincentius will be based at 9 Queens Avenue, Dale Street, Liverpool, L2 4TZ in the heart of the central business district and will officially open its doors on 14th September. The team have already made suits for some well known figures in the region with a certain Sir Kenny Dalglish being one of the first to have a suit made. Sir Kenny is now booked in to have another suit made for when he actually meets the queen to pick up his knighthood.

Rich Gregson, style director at Vincentius explains:

“Our understanding of personal luxury helps us to design menswear with an effortlessly contemporary aesthetic. This is a clothing line for the modern gentleman who refuses to compromise on style, quality or personal service.”

Rich Gregson and head clothier Rob Tattan certainly do have a deep understanding of personal luxury, sharing over 15 years of industry experience between them. Over the course of their illustrious careers in luxury fashion they have developed strong, trusting relationships with the fabric mills. As a result, Vincentius garments are created using only the finest English and Italian fabrics and one can expect to pay around £1,000 for a hand crafted suit. Of course there is plenty of choice on offer as well; fabrics with pinstripes of 24 carat gold or platinum are also available for the discerning consumer. Rich and Rob have designed a range of menswear that they believe cannot be rivalled for style and fit.

Rich continues:

“We have developed the perfect technique to turn body measurements into a garment that truly feels like a second skin. Our garments create the ideal silhouette, which is of paramount importance to the Vincentius look, without compromising on comfort.”

Rob Tattan concludes:

“We are inspired by both old world traditions and modern lifestyles, in presenting our clients with unique, fine handmade garments. Vincentius clients understand the value of a good investment; they seek our expert advice and sartorial piece of mind. We create garments that are destined to fulfil their ambitions.”