Taxi drivers protesting over Sefton firm’s plans for new office in Liverpool

Liverpool’s “taxi war” continued as hackney cab drivers brought traffic to a standstill in the city centre on Friday 5th December.

They were protesting about plans to open a branch of Sefton-based Delta minicabs in Liverpool city centre.

Black cabs caused roads to be blocked by driving slowly through the city’s streets, honking their horns and using a loudspeaker to shout “Joe must Go” in reference to city mayor Joe Anderson and his apparent change of views towards non Liverpool borough taxis.

The taxis continued to snake through town all afternoon, driving a lorry emblazoned with another message referring to the Mayor.

For years city firms and cabbies have complained that Delta have been undermining their chances of making a living, being licensed in neighboring Sefton but getting a huge share of the Liverpool trade. Often cherry picking and sitting in Liverpool city centre awaiting pickups.

Ged Murphy Managing Director of Liverpool based Hackney company Future Cabs said: “By allowing Delta to open this office in the city centre, they’re creating the circumstances for a taxi war in Liverpool. We were kept in the dark by the council while behind-closed-doors meetings were being held. We are based in Liverpool and pay our license fees to the city council. Our drivers are all local guys trying to earn a living in an industry that faces its biggest upturn in over 50 years at present. All we want is for open and honest dialogue and to know where we stand.”