Evergreen Clinic, based in Aigburth, has become the first place in Liverpool to offer OmniFace and LumiSlim Titan aesthetic therapies. Known as the ‘miracle facelift’, OmniFace can lift and tighten ageing skin on the face, neck and arms. LumiSlim Titan is a laser lipo therapy, highly effective at reducing fat tissue in localised areas of the body. The new, state-of-the-art machines were unveiled at an event for clients on the evening of Thursday 30th April.

Only two clinics per city are selected to offer these treatments, so becoming the first in Liverpool to take delivery of the high tech machines is quite a coup for Evergreen. The aesthetic clinic, sister company to Woodlands Beauty Spa, has been providing anti-ageing and aesthetic treatments for almost 8 years. The new machines increase the scope of the company’s already broad range of services.

OmniFace is a fractional radio frequency facelift. Upon receiving the treatment, immediate improvements to the skin are visible, as radio frequency waves penetrate into the deeper layers of the dermis, stimulating new collagen production and causing a tightening effect. OmiFace also resurfaces the upper layers of the skin, minimising fine lines and improving the overall tone and texture, the results of which develop in the weeks that follow.

LumiSlim Titan is an advanced form of ‘laser lipo’. The laser penetrates into fat cells, causing a chemical change in the membrane of the cell, which allows the contents of affected cells to be expelled by the body as waste, reducing fat tissue in the areas targeted. As well as inch loss and an improvement in cellulite, the treatment also results in an improved texture to the skin and a number of other benefits.

Co-owner of the Evergreen Clinic, Alison Stananought, said:

“We have undertaken extensive research into the different laser treatments on the market and are confident that OmniFace and LumiSlim are two of the best machines currently available. At Evergreen we have always been committed to delivering fantastic results for our clients and we are pleased to be adding these state-of-the-art treatments to our list of services.”

The lead practitioner at Evergreen is Belinda Done. Belinda is a qualified nurse with 15 years of experience in aesthetics. She is highly respected within the industry and was the first nurse in the country to be trained in the new Thread Lift procedure, which is becoming an incredibly popular treatment in the UK.

Both treatments will be offered at Evergreen from the end of May. Those interested should contact the clinic for appointments and pricing details. An opening offer is currently available for OmniFace, with treatments starting from £200 for the neck and £299 for the face.