The Tavern Co to relaunch this month!


Based in the busy area of Smithdown Road, The Tavern Co has become famous in the city of Liverpool for serving up to devoted customers its Mexican-themed menu for three decades. It has always been a huge hit with breakfast and brunch fans, and really started a trend for relaxed morning-to-noon dining. After closure earlier on in the autumn, delighted diners will be thrilled to know that The Tavern Co is now under new ownership, who have made significant investments in the venue to ensure it will provide first-rate levels of dining and service to returning customers and new visitors alike. The Tavern and Co will open its refreshed doors on Wednesday 8th & Thursday 9th for soft openings and officially open the doors on Friday 10th November 2023


The new owners of The Tavern Co have spent the last six weeks giving the restaurant more than just a spruce up, whilst maintaining wherever possible traditional features which are familiar to the public, including the famous train around the bar area. In a city which loves sport, guests will be able to enjoy key sporting events while they dine, as the management have invested in channels which show popular football matches and other live sporting events.


Most of all, the team at The Tavern Co are ensuring that the menu on offer will satisfy customers who want to enjoy the traditional Mexican-themed delights that they have traditionally enjoyed, alongside hearty breakfasts and brunches which will surely be a hit for this new, revitalised restaurant which will take previous award-winning elements and add their fresh twists to create something special.


Guests will be delighted to hear that The Tavern Co will be serving the same famous breakfast and brunch menu from 8 am – 3 pm, with free tea and coffee included, which means great value as well as a delicious meal. The new look evening menu kicks in after 3 pm, up until 9.30 pm during the week, and 10 pm on Friday and Saturday.


Lewis Gibbons, General Manager of The Tavern Co explains: “We are absolutely delighted that we are launching on Friday 10th November and all of the team are continuing to work especially hard to make sure every detail is covered.


Our new owners are hugely aware of the longstanding love that people have for The Tavern Co – no matter what trends have appeared, or which areas of the city have become fashionable, this is a venue which has maintained a considerable presence on the restaurant scene here due to its location, menus, and welcoming service. As a team we want to respect that heritage whilst ensuring the long term future of this wonderful space. Our breakfast menu has not changed at all as we know this is a well loved menu. Evening wise customers will see a new look menu which we are sure they will love.


We know how much people have been looking forward to our launch, if we count the number of passers-by alone who have stopped and knocked on our windows to ask when The Tavern Co will be back. Our online booking system is now in operation too and we also welcome walk-ins. 


The theme here for our guests at least is a laidback one – we want The Tavern Co to be a place where guests can relax, enjoy our food and drinks menus, and for casual dining and get-togethers. We know that our venue is really one where people want to meet with friends, family and colleagues, and with the festive season coming we want to create a little oasis for them, as well as a place to celebrate.


As a team we also have more planned in terms of the future, but for this initial launch we want to ensure that The Tavern Co is back where it belongs. As a goodwill gesture to everyone who has already offered such fine support, we are offering 20% off breakfast and food bills for the rest of November.


We look forward to welcoming everyone through our famous doors once more, and guests can relax and enjoy the very best of The Tavern Co has to offer, safe in the knowledge that everyone here is about to deliver them the very best food and levels of service which we know they will come to expect from us.”


The Tavern Company is located at 619-625 Smithdown Road, Liverpool L15 5AG.


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