Mees Demolition Group have started work on demolition works at the PSS site on Seel Street in Liverpool city centre. The Liverpool city centre charity is moving to make way for the Elliott Groups £36m extension to the Wolstenholme Square development. The new building is set to include 205 apartments, including 69 two-bed homes, as well as a pool and a spa. There would also be commercial units on the ground floor

Thomas Mee of Mees Demolition Group said “We are witnessing a lot of positive changes to the Seel St and Wolstenhome Square areas of the city centre. The modern style warehouse that has housed PSS for over 20 years was not not fit for purpose any longer, so we will be completely clearing the site to make way for a new 11 storey development.”

He added: “We are witnessing a real resurgence in city centre developments for both residential and commercial use, with a lot of grot spots being removed. Mees Demolition Group are currently involved in several sites that will change the face of Liverpool.”

The PSS site will be a bolt on to the Wolstenholme Square project which will see a mixed use development comprising 447 residential apartments, located in the heart of L1. A PSS spokesperson said earlier in the year: “It’s an exciting time for us at PSS. We’ve been working at our Seel Street office for over 20 years now, and although it’s served us well during that time, the building is getting pretty old and tired, and is costing us a lot of money to repair and maintain.”