The Lab Fat loss & Fitness Studio has been open just over six months and has already become known in the heart of the city as the place to go for serious results.

The basement gym has quickly become the go to place due to both the quality of its offering and also the top level of trainers that work there. Owner and personal trainer Joe Neill said “I worked as a personal trainer for five years and built up a client base,” then after a period of time I decided to go on my own from there. I had been working in the No Limits gym in the Baltic Triangle for four years.  Working there had give me a great grounding and experience of the type of environment and gym I wanted to set up and I’m still good friends with everyone there.”

When entering The Lab, visitors are presented with mainly weights and resistance equipment, with a cardio bike based at the back of the room. A lot of emphasis is placed on strength and conditioning and the bulk of Joe’s fitness routines feature weights.

On joining the gym everyone has a consultation and a discussion to identify their goals and aims. From there on programmes are tailored for each client. But it’s not just all about one to one and being in the business district Joe and his PT’s (Personal Trainers) have started to run small group classes for many of the city’s top businesses and retail stores.

Joe Neill who is only 25 said “Training is like many things in life about choice. Working with a Personal Trainer doesn’t just have to be one to one. Some classes can be 4-6 clients and they then can push one another on. Essentially it’s what works for you.”

With both male and female PT’s at the Lab there is something for everyone in the heart of the business district. The latest equipment, changing areas and clients can even sign up to just use the equipment on had once they have been through an induction – so they can train alone. Opening hours for the Lab are 6am to 8pm Monday to Friday and 9-5 Sat and Sunday.

For more info please see  or email to make an appointment.