Cafe No. 9 Bar and Kitchen, based in Cherry Lane, North Liverpool, has enjoyed a huge groundswell of local support after a recent open meeting to discuss their expansion plans, and are feeling encouraged that they can move forward with community approval at a time when local business growth and expansion is vital to provide a valuable service as well as employment opportunities.


Owners Allan and Gemma Bresnahan, who are both from Walton, and are proud of the cafe’s need to expand due its popularity, have acquired adjacent properties so that they can grow their licensed business. As the restaurant, food and bar industries are currently facing difficult challenges, the team have been determined to follow all national and local guidelines, and to also create a larger, family-friendly restaurant, which they feel is much needed in an area that they know and appreciate so much.


At a recent meeting, Allan and Gemma invited local stakeholders and residents to talk with them openly about the expansion plans. Having faced some apprehension before the meeting, whilst previous critics of the scheme did not attend, they did have representation from councillor Roz Gladden. However, the meeting itself had a hugely positive outcome, as guests heard about the plans in detail, and of the overall aim of creating a valuable community hub, with the long term objective to also work alongside local charities, residents and also Liverpool City Council in the quest to assist in the regeneration of the local area.


Allan and Gemma say, “We have really listened to feedback about this project, and hope that moving forward we have established a mutual ground. We have gone from a small, three-seater operation to something more substantial with further room for growth. As well as being able to be of more service to the local community, and to continue to be a part of such a passionate industry, our residents have shown such valuable support for our expansion, and we know this development can offer so much in return.”


It is now hoped that such positive feedback will provide further evidence to Liverpool City Council’s Licensing Sub Committee, who will be discussing Cafe No. 9’s plans on the 22nd October. As the city faces increasing restrictions, and challenges to those seeking employment, the team behind Cafe No. 9 are looking forward to starting their expansion adventure, providing much-needed job opportunities and a place where local families can relax and enjoy their menus and facilities both in safety and comfort, too.


The venue sponsor local MMA star Graham Mealand and he said “With the Support and sponsorship from Cafe No9 I was able to reach a personal goal and accomplishment of becoming a British title holder. I owe a huge thanks to Alan and Gemma as without the support they gave me  it wouldn’t have been possible. From a weekly healthy meal prep plan to them supplying me with new training equipment. The local community needs people and a hub like this.”



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