Rack and dollar


As the Premiership kicks off for the new season, Liverpool’s top sports bar and restaurant Rack and Dollar lifts the lid on a brand new, lip smacking, finger lickin’ menu. The Berry Street venue, favoured as the perfect spot to rack up a game of pool accompanied by a generous rack of ribs, now offers a unique twist on some tasty classics, making it the perfect spot for lovers of freshly prepared American style chow, whether your team’s on on the big screens or not.

Perhaps the highlight of the new menu comes in the form of Thanksgiving Sundays. An American style roast dinner is available all day every Sunday, for anyone who fancies sampling an Americanised version of the good old British classic. The choice is between roast turkey and slow cooked brisket beef, with all the trimmings and lashings of rich gravy. In true US style you’ll also find corn on that plate two ways – both char-grilled and in the form of corn bread.

The entire menu is prepared freshly on the premises, with glorious racks of dollar ribs lovingly slow cooked over night, before being served with the diner’s choice of Sailor Jerry rum, house BBQ, spicy BBQ or Memphis dry rub style. Everything can, of course, be washed down with a selection of America’s finest beers and bourbons.

It’s not all American at Rack and Dollar. The menu may have an epic selection of ‘Berry Street burgers’ and an entire section dedicated to grilled cheese but the ingredients are sourced locally, with all meat coming from a family run butchers just across the Mersey. And there’s a Sgt Pepper burger on there as well because, you know, it wouldn’t be Liverpool without at least a nod to our most famous sons (6oz beef patty, smoked cheese, grilled peppers, onion rings and a creamy peppercorn sauce on a brioche bun, in case you were wondering).

It’s that kind of local meets transatlantic, meets unparalleled Premiership and NFL coverage that has attracted the likes of Steven Gerard and John Bishop to call in and rack up a game of pool at Rack and Dollar.

Sean O’Neill , Head Chef at Rack and Dollar said:

‘We’re a sports bar serving food for sports fans but that doesn’t mean we compromise on quality or offer up the same dishes that you can get everywhere else. You’ve had nachos before but you’ve never had Rack and Dollar pulled BBQ rib nachos. On the new menu we’re also offering up a selection of ribs, burgers and wings. They’re American classics with a focus on quality ingredients and an attention to detail that gives each dish something special.

“You can call into Rack and Dollar to watch a game almost every night of the week but you can also bring the whole family on a Sunday or call in for lunch and get great food and friendly service.

“We’ve always been packed to the rafters whenever the local teams play and I’m sure the 2016/2017 season will be no exception. The ribs are cooking and we’re looking forward to it!”