Whilst many areas of the economy are currently facing unforeseen difficulties, the team behind Mason Verdi want to underline their positive message that their own corner of the property market is forging ahead with current projects and future plans. This forward-thinking enterprise, which started life in 2017 as an off-plan sales agent, has expanded with ease and aplomb into a trio of profitable areas: sales, property development and management.


Mason Verdi has built a sterling reputation in the region by not only concentrating on their own first-rate sites, but also by collaborating with leading developers in the region pushing forwards with sales and joint venture projects whilst harnessing the responsibility at every stage of development, from initial designs and site procurement through to the finished buildings, right down to every last detail.


In the current climate, Maison Verdi feel it is also the precise time for would-be investors to seriously consider putting their hard-earned funds into unique, high-end apartments and sites that are proving their worth in the market in terms of rent appeal. Mason Verdi’s development arm specialises in developing listed buildings into sumptuous apartments, making them contemporary in terms of each design aspect whilst retaining beautiful original features. In a still busy market, these properties are garnering investors in an area where potential renters are wishing to source homes that are uniquely individual, moving away from more mass market developments.


Having already completed luxe schemes so far in 2020 in both Castle Street and Stanley Street, both highly desirable city centre locations in Liverpool, Mason Verdi are currently preparing to launch their stunning waterfront, gated community development on the Wirral waterfront of Wallasey. As the team are involved in every detail from artist sketches to the building process through to finishing touches, this personal approach brings a warm, stylish and marketable feel to every project, with many satisfied clients and investors happy to recommend their work.


Mason Verdi Managing Director Khashi Shaverdi says, “We are approaching this current situation with confidence and experience, and are proud not only of the work we are doing but the boost firms like Mason Verdi provide to our local region with both employment and investment opportunities, as well as constructing homes that marry quality buildings with up-to-date design features and styling. I am a believer that our success so far is down to our win-win approach: this means that everyone involved benefits from what we achieve, meaning sustainable growth for us as a company and repeat business from investors who are happy to work with us.


The benefits of getting involved in property investment not only generate future funds for initial finance providers, they also give a present and long-term boost to local economies, which is absolutely vital in the current economic climate. We have been able to grow our business into one with a triple-threat formula which is facing the rest of 2020 and the following decade with increasing certainty and a confirmed commitment to ensuring that every stakeholder who becomes a part of the Mason Verdi vision enjoys future financial prosperity whilst contributing towards the region’s economic recovery and growth.”


It is heartening news that homegrown entrepreneurs like Mason Verdi are able to provide employment, investment opportunities and development sites leading to eventual desirable homes with a profitable outcome, giving the rest of the region’s other business sectors hope that there are better times ahead for all.


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