Aimee Ormesher was already a successful personal fitness trainer and coach when lockdown started. As an award-winning fitness professional, who was voted Best Female Personal Trainer in 2018 and Best Online Coach 2020 by Pro Fit Awards, Aimee has been able to take that expertise and make it work for her latest venture. She created her own targeted fitness and weight loss programme ‘8 Week With Aimee’ in January 2019 and found that the closure of traditional fitness venues really increased demand for alternative regimes, and so she was able to use her five years of experience to really grow her brand and business online. Since then, this industrious 29-year-old has enjoyed great success, which to her means seeing the life-changing results achieved by those taking part.


Aimee, from South Liverpool, has already helped thousands of women improve their lifestyles and is keen to stress that her two-month regime is not just based around reducing body fat and increasing fitness levels. In fact, it has its own ‘self-love’ message to educate and empower women to become the best versions of themselves through the best nutrition, achievable exercise goals and a positive mindset around not just body acceptance, but one which can reap benefits in all areas of her clients’ lives, too.


‘8 Weeks With Aimee’ has been a huge success as women have found that working out from home as well as in the gym, or outdoors, fits in with their busy schedules, and that having the support, advice and content created by Aimee is a truly integrative experience. The online programme has even meant Aimee has now built a studio in her garden at home so she can film, blog and run all her classes daily.


However, at a time when young women do feel under increasing pressure to only concentrate on their outward appearance, Aimee has been keen to ensure that clients get the best results, in terms of their overall well-being, when they feel part of a group, are supported by Aimee and her team, and by each other. ‘8 Weeks With Aimee’ provides a safe, exclusive space in their closed Facebook group for women of all ages taking part to connect, talk, share experiences and offer encouragement. As well as the online content of the programme, Aimee offers online group interaction and in-person activities, which will hopefully flourish as restrictions ease.


As Aimee explains: ‘The past eighteen months have really given me a chance to consolidate my skills and launch something which I am really proud of, because I applaud everyone who has taken part and given the programme their all. Personally, I was so keen to leave behind fad diets, and limiting self-beliefs and wanted my ‘8 Week’ challenge to be all-encompassing for women, so that they could not only set and achieve goals in terms of fitness and nutrition, but also to improve confidence and enjoy additional benefits such as improved sleep, and reduced anxiety. During Mental Health Awareness Week it is so important to discuss how valuable not just activity, but being a part of a group effort, really boosts our mood levels. I have now created a team, including fitness pros, and an experienced chef, to join me as my business expands. We feel so much joy when we see the journeys of everyone who joins us as they come to life, through their own progress images and words they send back to us.’


Aimee’s next challenge sign-up is being launched on 17th May 2021 at 7pm, and as 400 happy clients completed the last programme, Aimee and her team are looking forward to welcoming a new intake of clients who want to commit to getting fit, eating nutritious meals and also becoming part of a supportive, uplifting community, making not only life changes but also new friends who will remain when their own, individual 8 weeks is up.


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