Liverpool based writer Gill Torres has teamed up with local illustrator Ilan Sheady to create The Girl Who Could See Stories, a picture book aiming to inspire young children to eat a healthy plant-based diet, free from animal products. On Sunday 17th August they launched a crowdfunding campaign, which gives them 30 days to raise £4,000 from pre-orders of the book, to secure the funds to print the first edition.

For the growing number of parents already opting into the lifestyle encouraged by The Girl Who Could See Stories, the book will fill a huge gap in the market. It is a great way to introduce young children to the concept of healthy, ethical living. It also teaches them about where their food comes from.

Followers of the lifestyle eat a diet rich in unprocessed, usually organic foods, free from meat and dairy. It is an exceptionally healthy way to live. It has been around for a lot longer than the fast food industry and appears to be enjoying a dramatic resurgence at the moment. Singer Jennifer Lopez and boxer David Hay are the latest in a long line of celebrities to go vegan. With this in mind and with the vegan market ever growing, marketing professional turned author Gill Torres plans to self-publish the title, under the brand name Real Magic Publishing.

Between now and 16th September 2014 anyone can pre-order a signed, first-edition copy of The Girl Who Could See Stories from the project’s Kickstarter page. Only if the minimum amount needed to produce the book is raised will publication go ahead. If the target is not reached, no project backers will be charged.

Author Gill Torres said:

“Launching our campaign with is nerve-racking but exciting. The world is changing. People are opening their eyes to the many benefits of a natural diet and lifestyle. I went vegan less than 2 years ago but I will never go back to my old habits because I feel so much healthier and happier living this way. I am not alone. I meet so many people newly converted to veganism by how amazing it makes them feel that I know I have a large, under-served market out there.

The Girl Who Could See Stories conveys a simple, positive, universal message of health. It’s valuable whatever your diet and designed to be useful to vegans and vegetarians who want to explain their choices to their children. Few, if any, books like this exist so when the story came to me I knew I had to work hard to get it out there.”

Gill has teamed up with illustrator Ilan Sheady, founder of Liverpool based Ilanimation Studios, to create a large, colourful picture book suitable for ages 4 and over. The title will be produced by Vegan Print, a Blackpool based printing company that adheres to the ethical values of the project.

Gill went on to say:

“Ilan is one of the most talented illustrators I have ever met. His passion for creating characters is inspiring. He has developed a cast of characters that make the story jump of the page, that I hope children will love for generations.”

For more information and to donate to the campaign visit