The past two years has seen a hugely busy, property market buoyancy, prompted largely by changes in how we are living and working, the relatively low rate of interest and property owners enjoying watching the value of their homes grow: house price growth in Liverpool topped the list for the North West, with an average of 10.4% value increase during 2021. One business which had a remarkable trading year, NEXA Liverpool, which was up until recently part of the NEXA Properties Agency Group, is delighted to announce that it is now being established as an entirely new, independent property group, now known as PIRES Real Estate. Based in Castle Street, in the city centre’s bustling business district, it is primed to work not just in Liverpool itself, but in key locations Manchester, Birmingham, Nottingham and London, as well as having an exclusive relationship with Taylor Wimpey Spain, for residential and investment purposes.


With already strong ties to developers, investors, and commercial property agents, the dynamic team behind PIRES, led by the Cranney Family, has been proactive in wishing to further improve marketing and sales support to the development trade. The unique vision for PIRES is to offer a comprehensive and personalised service for buyers, sellers, developers and investors. While other agencies traditionally use a single agent per client, PIRES uses the strength of its whole team to support the property journey of each client, entirely tailored to their needs. The company also offers support for land acquisition and new homes, lettings, commercial development advice and a range of properties overseas for residential purchase or investment.


As an independent commercial entity, PIRES now have the opportunity to simply do things their own way. 2022 will see them concentrating on property sales, as well as lettings, and innovative personnel have spotted a gap in the market for selling via social media platforms like Instagram, which has become a key way of communicating to certain key demographics, who are purchasing for the first or second time, and often desire city centre apartments as their home investments.


Managing Director, Chloe Roberts of PIRES Real Estate Liverpool, explains: ‘PIRES Real Estate is on vision for 2022, to take all of the valuable experience, success and industry goodwill earned as NEXA Liverpool, and move it forwards as an entirely independent real estate venture. This means, as a business, we remain in complete control of our business model, and the unique way of consolidating what we have already achieved, whilst enjoying all the advantages that now being an independent agency offers both for us, and also for our clients.


Straight away we decided on our own PIRES philosophy and agreed on our core values of Positivity, Longevity and Consistency. We know that any property purchase can be stressful, as well as rewarding for a buyer. We will be a safe, reassuring, positive pair of hands. Our joint experiences as a team have taught us to build long term, lasting, fruitful business relationships built on mutual trust and respect, as well as clear communication and availability. Finally, we set a benchmark for consistency, so that every client we work with receives the same top tier levels of service and professionalism.


In such a buoyant and progressive market, we are really proud to be launching PIRES here in the centre of Liverpool. We look forward to a fruitful trading year where our clients are at the centre of our focus.’