Pub Invest Group and their Rubber Soul Complex will soon be opening a new venue in the complex called The King John. A new traditional old English pub in the heart of  Mathew street.
Opening is due for the middle of November with a theme being a medieval but warm traditional English pub with classic features and fittings. The site will have an excellent choice of beers and cask ales with great offers also on whiskeys and gins.
General Manager Jimmy Boland, pictured in front of the new site, said “We will be adding another 12 jobs to the complex, which currently employs  80 staff. Something we are very proud of at Pub Invest Group creating local jobs.The venue opening hours will be from 10 am until 12 am Sunday to Thursday, and 10 am until 4 am on Friday and Saturday. Liverpool officially became a city in 1207 when King John founded the area and this venue takes its name from the King that created our great city.”
Liverpool’s official history starts on the 28th August 1207, when King John ‘founded’ the area of ‘Liuerpul’ granting it the status as an official town in his Royal Charter. 
The Charter meant a great deal to the small village and people living there. Whereas in the past everything there belonged to the King, the Charter gave them more freedom in the things they bought and sold, and generally improved their lives.  King John invited people to come and live in the area as they could now rent a house and a piece of land to grow things.
He built a Castle in the area that we now call Castle Street, and in fact the village of Liverpool was only made up of seven streets in this area. Many of these streets survive today;  They were Dale Street, Castle Street, Chapel Street, Moor Street (now Tithebarn Street), Bancke Street (now Water Street), Peppard Street (Old Hall Street) and Juggler Street (High Street).  Maybe only 100 or 200 people lived in Liverpool at this time.
Pub Invest Group own over 30 sites in the city from Soho and Level to the Old Bank and McCooleys.
Address – 9 Mathew St, Liverpool L2 6RE