When 24-year-old Brittany Feeney brought home the Miss Liverpool 2023 title in July of this year, it was the culmination of hard work, determination, and her own personal brand of community spirit. Brittany has already proved to be a huge success in the world of pageants, after winning Miss Chester in 2018 and then Miss Blackpool in 2019. However, it is the Miss Liverpool title which is so meaningful to this Maghull beauty – she graduated with a First-Class Honours Degree in Dance and Performance Arts from the city’s famous LIPA University, in 2022, and can’t wait to represent the city region at the finals of Miss Great Britain 2023 in Leicester later this month.


It was the world of dance which led Brittany to pageants – although confident on stage, she was shy away from the limelight, and so her mum thought that joining in a teen pageant might be just the ticket for her daughter, and she was right! Straight away Brittany enjoyed the chance to make new friends, build her skills-set and get involved in meaningful charitable work.


Brittany already feels honoured to be working with North West Cancer Research as an Ambassador, where she regularly visits schools to help them deliver health and wellbeing workshops. During a recent visit to Knotty Ash Primary School she loved getting the pupils involved in healthy eating activities. 


As a fully-qualified primary school dance teacher, Brittany’s work also gave her the idea to create her own platform: KIIDS, or Kindness and Inclusion in Dance. The programme allows Brittany to deliver exciting dance workshops, where so many children who are unable to access private dance classes get to enjoy all of the wellbeing benefits of movement, connection, and fun!


As Brittany explains in her own words: “I am so excited to be representing Liverpool at the finals of Miss Great Britain 2023. Of course, I love the glamorous side of such a fantastic event, and it has given me the opportunity to make meaningful friends. My mum, who is my greatest supporter, was a leading beauty title winner in the 1980’s, and she is still close friends with many of her contemporaries.


My early experiences of dance and performance really brought me out of my shell, and my pageant journey has given me the opportunity to take that confidence into the rest of my world off-stage. It certainly helped me in my degree studies at LIPA. I am so lucky my education there gave me a world-class opportunity to learn from the very best.


Winning the Miss Liverpool 2023 title has given me further opportunities to get involved in local community participation, from working with Liverpool Women’s Hospital, with foodbank initiatives, and now with the tremendous North West Cancer Research.


It is dance and performance, which is my real passion, which allows me to bring that joy to so many youngsters. I deliver a varied programme to them, and have learned that once they feel free to get involved, the girls and boys in my classes really take to movement, especially if it includes cheerleading exercises and cool routines. The free-dance part of the classes, where the pupils can just move as they wish at the end of the lesson, really sees them go for it! And I know from my own experience that as well as being a great type of physical exercise, it is also a form of self-expression and helps boost mental wellbeing. 


My dream is to take my KIIDS initiative nationwide if I am successful at the finals of Miss Great Britain. How you look, what you wear and the way you present yourself of course matters, but it is the service you bring to the table that counts most of all. It is absolutely the ethos at the heart of Miss Great Britain, and I would relish the opportunity to take all of my experience and deliver this new platform of mine all over the country.


Personally, I am also so proud to be representing Liverpool. Winning the title itself was a dream come true for me. I decided for that event to wear red in every section, as it is a colour that is so linked to the city, and it must have brought me good luck as I got to bring home that coveted Miss Liverpool 2023 sash and crown!


I can promise you that if my next one has Miss Great Britain 2023 written on it, I will represent both my city, and the rest of Great Britain, with a huge sense of pride – I would consider it both an honour and a privilege.”


While Brittany hasn’t revealed her colour-scheme for the Miss Great Britain finals, when she finally takes to the stage later this month, her supporters here in her home city hope that the judges see exactly what they know: that she really is in a league of her own.


Brittany is representing Liverpool at Miss Great Britain 2023 which takes place at Leicester Athena, Queen Street, Leicester on Friday 20th October 2023.


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