With a busy summer season still with plenty of life left in it, the ever-buzzing Hope Street area is playing host to a brand new welcoming bar, with its eye-catching name: Antisocial. In a prime location opposite one of the city’s most prestigious hotels, and adjacent to the legendary Philharmonic Hall, this new place to socialise, relax and meet has a laid-back vibe with a first-class service ethos.


The name has a very specific meaning to the team behind Antisocial: it is an all-embracing venue, whose role is to celebrate and welcome people from all walks of life. In an area of the city already known for its huge cultural standing, Antisocial is creating a social hub where every type of guest can feel at home whether you are an introvert in search of a quiet morning coffee and bagel, or an extrovert getting ready for a night out on the town.


Antisocial is starting its drive to get us socialising in style by celebrating flavour-pallet inclusiveness, whether you are a cocktail connoisseur or a bookworm hoping to enjoy sipping a Smokey Old Fashioned with your latest read. Creating a safe space is key to the venue’s aims, as well as enriching the area with live music, cultural celebrations and an eclectic and extensive bar menu. Its cocktail list is not to be messed with, including Antisocial Signatures, a frozen section, a fizz menu, milkshakes and boozy shakes and creative alcohol-free options, all at competitive prices.


Antisocial are delighted to be creating a space full of reasons to socialise, whether that be a weekly pub quiz on Thursdays, an acoustic open mic night each Friday, accompanied by board games, live sport or live music. 


The team at Antisocial have also been busy launching their Antisocial Kitchen within the venue. It features a finely-tuned list of offerings with breakfast bagels and coffee in the morning, with free wi-fi, so that guests, from students, to friends, to business people, can enjoy a relaxed atmosphere to host casual meet-ups, to workspaces, to meetings. The food menu during the day and evening will specialise in New York-style pizza, brought by the slice, half or whole 20-inch delicious versions of the ultimate tasty and easy snack, which Antisocial are taking to their own next level.


Will Wilkinson Operations Manager of Antisocial Bar explains: “We have decided that the word ‘antisocial’ has been lost, and we want to turn negative connotations on their heads, in that we want to question what the norm is when it comes to who gets to enjoy a great bar, music venue and food service. We are the very opposite of what constitutes a single cool crowd, given special treatment via velvet ropes and VIP lists.


Our aim is to create the ultimate safe space that caters to every type of personality type and demographic. Whether you enjoy your own company, but wish to do so in a welcoming place, or whether you love to be part of a group, we hope to celebrate and promote all types of socialising, offering a personal approach to deliver something for everyone.


We know that people often feel disengaged from going out for all sorts of reasons, but here at Antisocial we want everyone who would like to call in to know that they can be exactly who they are with us.


It goes without saying that our high standards will run right through our elevated and expressive bar menus, and our delicious food the perfect accompaniment to a relaxing morning, day or evening mood. We look forward to putting our own unique stamp on this already noted street, and our doors are open to every personality type.”


Antisocial is based at 88 Hope Street, Liverpool L1 9BW.


Opening times:


Thursday to Sunday:- 12:00 – 23:00.


For further information about Antisocial reference their website and socials at: