Future Cabs and Integrity Taxis have now merged creating – Future Cabs – with Integrity. This merger now means the fleet off hackney taxis grows to over 100.

Based on Derby Lane in Old Swan the company Head Office site is in central Liverpool and an ideal HQ to serve the whole of the city as it’s a stones through from Queens Drive. Future Cabs-with Integrity has a simple but effective premise; it will allow the city’s black cabs to operate as normal but also give them the means to compete with the private hire industry. By doing so, hackney drivers will be able to tap into a growing market that has been previously unavailable to them and the public will have the opportunity to access these fit for purpose cabs at the same rate as private hire vehicles. Plus, Future Cabs will accommodate 5 to 6 passengers, which will make them cheaper per person than any other private hire company in the city. The merger now also means there are more phone numbers and lines for customers to access a booking.

Director Ged Murphy commented “I’m really pleased to see Future Cabs and Integrity come together as Hackney taxis are very much part of the local economy. We fuse the old with the new with our unique booking system and it’s a great way to bring the industry into the 21st Century. Quality, price, safety and service are all key to Future Cabs with Integrity’s operation. ”

Technology is key to this service. All drivers operate with a smartphone, equipped with a unique booking system that uses GPS tracking to show operators exactly where the drivers are in relation to bookings. The booking system then automatically picks the closest cab to the booking, so as well as an increase in workload and the ability to make some free calls on their device, drivers can expect to take planned, more efficient journeys that will optimize their fuel bill!

The Future Cab customer app is free to download and give the public options of telephoning the booking office, or simply pressing a button on their Smartphone’s GPS to securely call a hackney straight to their current location at a discounted rate.

Ged Murphy added ““With our merger we will continue to bring hackney drivers together, providing them with support on the job and access to the latest technologies, as well as a way to generate lots of additional business from private hire customers. Our system could potentially be rolled out to every independent hackney cabby in Liverpool.”

Co Director, Ben Carberry (who was MD of Integrity Taxis) said”We are delighted with this merger. We aim to become the biggest black hackney company in the North West. We use the name Integrity because we are not only focused on how much profit can be made but what is the right and moral thing to do. This is how our B share idea was introduced into the new Future Integrity Company. All drivers are offered B shares in the company.”