Six months since taking its first booking, Future Cabs has reported excellent feedback from a growing fleet of happy hackney drivers. The Liverpool taxi company works on a simple premise; it allows black cabs to rank and be hailed in the street as normal, at the same time providing them with the means to compete with private hire. The business uses cutting edge technology to open up a new revenue stream to an old industry and thus far results have exceeded all expectations for drivers using the system.

Drivers are reporting revenue of between 4 and 6 times their weekly investment in the Future Cabs system and the average fare is rising steadily. The company took its first booking in March 2014. Since then the fare average has increased from £5 to its current level of £8.

Future Cabs driver Tony Roberts said:

“It’s a no brainer, I’m getting more than four times my investment back in fares and the technology is great and so easy to use. Future Cabs is going to save the industry.”

Future Cabs Limited generates additional revenue for drivers of the city’s black cabs by offering pre-booked journeys for the same price as those in smaller, private hire cars. As a result, the public can now access fit for purpose, 5 and 6 seater cabs at the same rate as private hire vehicles, which usually only seat 4.

Veteran hackney driver Arthur Michels gave this glowing endorsement:

“I’ve been a hackney driver for 39 years and this is by far the best system out there. It’s so easy to use and helps keep the ranks moving. I have recommended it to lots of drivers and have no hesitation in recommending it now.”

Gerard Murphy, Director of Future Cabs Limited said:

“Future cabs exists to protect the business of hackney cabbies by helping them move with the times and generate additional business. I am a fully licensed hackney driver myself and I have family and friends that are as well. The company was born out of my desire help protect the livelihoods of drivers like them.

“Future Cabs is here for hackneys. That’s our mission statement.”

Future Cabs GPS location tracking journeys are safe, economical, energy efficient and available across Liverpool now. You can download the app or register as a driver at