Since their inception, Evolution Costs Ltd has steadily gone from strength to strength. From a standing start with just 3 members of staff in 2006, they now number well in excess of 20 staff and are fast becoming one of the most recognised firms in the industry, widely regarded as at the top of their game for their unparalleled expertise and experience in the field of civil costs.

Evolution Costs is a leading firm of Claimant Law Costs Draftsmen and Costs Lawyers, with a dedicated and vastly experienced team carefully assembled to provide an unsurpassed level of services to its ever-expanding portfolio of clients. These include utilising in-house experience to provide in-depth training on the specific impact of recent civil litigation reforms on client law firms as businesses, along with insightful guidance on Costs Budgeting to law firms both locally and nationally.

Currently based in an architecturally edgy glass cubed building branded Highpoint, sitting on Highfield Street just behind Pall Mall; Evolution are in the heart of Liverpool’s business district and have recently undergone a fresh corporate rebranding exercise and marketing campaign which includes launching their new website ( with clean easy to follow lines to match their standout head office.

Managing Director, Mark Thomas, said “Our continued success has been based upon organic growth from word of mouth recommendations, however if we are going to take the business to the next level, we need to make sure that our voices are heard, even if it means blowing our own trumpet for once.”

Director of Operations, Matt Casson, added “If we are to continue to grow as a firm in the current climate, we recognise that we have to continually adjust to the changing needs of our clients. That means keeping ahead of our competitors when it comes to changes in the law and embracing technology in order to produce the highest standard of results whilst keeping our charging structure competitive. Instructing us should not only be a costs neutral exercise, our clients should be able to see tangible and identifiable financial rewards in doing so.”

Evolution’s primary expertise lies in dealing with ‘big money’ instructions such as serious personal injury claims, complex medical negligence and high value commercial and property litigation matters.

To talk to the experts, you can contact them directly on 0151 242 0960 /