Martini in a tree !!!

They say money doesn’t grow on trees, but it seems porn star martinis do- so drink to your heart’s content at Kingdom Liverpool this August as a summer offer has us martini-lovers come over all unnecessary with this mega cocktail tree. For the whole of August its 50% of all “Porn star Martini Trees” at Kingdom. For just £60 you can get 12 porn star martinis (that’s the one with the passion fruit on top and extra champers to top it up) served on a huge metal structure that’ll have the whole room gawping with jealousy. The exclusive city centre hotspot on Harrington St, which had a massive refurb last year, are again ahead of the curve as they launch their new drinks trees with a fantastic summer offer.  Containing Vanilla infused vodka , passion fruit pulp , sugar syrup , pineapple juice , sugar syrup and shot of champers it’s what the weekend was made for.