As the region’s bar and restaurant community look forward to a busy trading season after a couple of challenging trading years, Frankie’s Bar, based in the Crosby area, is pleased to announce it has appointed a Business Development Manager to engage with everyone in the local area, to extended the venue’s focus so that it can be a valued community hub. The overall aim of this new appointee is to work alongside local residents, as well as adopted regional charities, and to endeavour to link in with Sefton Council in the quest to assist in the regeneration of the local area.


The owners and management of Frankie’s of Crosby have taken on board concerns raised by a recent media article on 9/2/2022 and wish to address them promptly. As far as the whole team are aware there have never been any formal complaints received by the venue and therefore the piece came as a complete shock. As a thriving and valued business, Frankie’s of Crosby has worked proactively with the local authority and with Merseyside Police, and will continue to do so. The team also work closely with Liverpool Nightlife CIC, who act as a bridge between the private and public sector and are a vital source of support and advice for both businesses and the local community.


As a popular and thriving bar and live music event venue, plans have also been put in place to hold community fun day events and Cancer Research charity fundraisers at Frankie’s, under the care of the new Business Development Manager. The venue already has a commendable track record in supporting the local community, including sponsoring various organisations and individuals including Max Rodgers, a competitor in Britain’s Junior Strongman event. Max explains, “With the support and sponsorship from Frankie’s, I am able to compete and work towards achieving my personal goals. I owe a huge debt of gratitude to the team at Frankie’s, as without the support they have given to me, I would not have gotten so far in my career. I have created a great working relationship with everyone at Frankie’s, and with the creation of their new BDM, I know they will be able to get involved in more supportive projects, which are hugely beneficial for everyone involved. They are best placed to become a really important community hub.”


A spokesperson for Frankie’s of Crosby adds, “Following the Covid-19 pandemic, businesses in our sector have really suffered, but we are proud of how the team has risen to every challenge. We continue to provide much-needed job opportunities, and a place where local families can relax and enjoy what is on offer in safety and comfort.


We are fully committed to our business model which includes this vital remit as a local community hub. We are known for our wonderful life music guests, and will continue to include them as part of our entertainment provision. We will extend our conversations with everyone in the community, and will consider all reasonable adjustments in order to combat any issues moving forwards.


Our Business Development Manager remains focused on ensuring that Frankie’s continues to also liaise with other late-night venues in the area, in an effort to work together to reduce any unnecessary noise.


Our overall aim is to have a community-based business which offers something positive for everyone. We would like to invite the local community and all relevant stakeholders to a meeting to discuss any concerns they have, and on a positive note, take on board any suggestions they have on how we can develop our community support, sponsorships and charities programme. We will listen to, and consider with great care, their valuable feedback and hope that moving forward we will establish many mutually rewarding goals.”


The whole team at Frankie’s of Crosby will continue to welcome guests who enjoy their delicious cocktail and bar menu as well as their roster of talented local musicians who benefit from the experience of playing to live audiences. They also look forward to being part of a local community experience which opens the doors at Frankie’s and welcomes everyone who wishes to be a part of its new community hub experience.


Frankie’s Bar is based at Unit 10, Glen Buildings, Moor Lane, Crosby, L23 2UE.


Opening times:


Closed Monday and Tuesday


Wednesday 5pm – 1am

Thursday 5pm – 1am

Friday 3pm – 2am

Saturday 3pm – 2am

Sunday 2.30pm – 1am


For further information about Frankie’s of Crosby reference their socials at: